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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 11, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. >> basically teaching people as i understand it how to commit a criminal act. >> a book on how to be the a pedophile. the major corporation that planned on selling it. >> alcoholic drink nicknamed blackout in a can. combination that makes the drink so dangerous. >> parents are responsible for teaching their children morality. >> judge judy speaaing out on school bullying. what makes it even worse for kids today. >> mild end to the work week. clluds move in for the weekend clluds move in for the weekend and the sky
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>> hello. >> a young woman is dead tonight after a drunk driving crash on the eastern shore. >> her parent are blaming an alcoholic drink that is very popular on college campuses. keith standing by live where talk of banning the bench. keith? >>reporter: the woman's name is courtney sperry 21 years old. that fatal accident happened not too far from here. we are live now with courtney's parents here in ssint miihaels. their fight is to have maryland lawmakers ban the drink 4 loco. it's a cheap fruit tasting alcoholic drink with a punch of nearly 5 5, 12 ounce beers. courtney's parents believe she was driving under the influence of 4 loco when she crashed her truck at about 4:00 o'clock saturddy morning on saint michael's road in east ton. her parents want what they call a continual cleverly marketed drink and in maryland
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we are back live beautiful picture of courtney. thinks her mom sharon and her father doug. now let me begin with you really quickly. why are you calling for this ban? >> because this drink i what killed my daughter and i don't want nobody else, no other families going through what i have gone thhough and no one should be able to get ittto drink it. >> reporter: why do you believe that 4 loco played a role in her daughter' accident. >> because that was all she drank. that was all. >> reporter: mr. sperry there are some people who may say that drinking responsiily is important in something like this. why again to call for the ban? >> i don't think it is anything such as drinking responsibly but my daughter apparently drank like 2 of these and i just don't want to see anyone parents have to go through what we are going
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through these last few days. we have lost a beautiful daughher and never be able to get back again. and i want this banned. i want this off the market. as of now. >> reporter: thank you very much mr. sperry. certainly have our con doleens for your loss. now we should say that washington state lawmakers are úlready calling for a ban in that state. of course we have more on the story tonight at 10:00. now live on the eastern shore, fobing 45 news at 5:30. all right keith thanks so much. here's our question of the day now. should alcoholic energy drinks be banned. go to our web site and tell us what you think. facebook or tweet at fox baltimore. text your an at 45203 and a for yes and b for no. and your response may air tonight on fobing 45 news at 10:00. heroin smuggled through -úthe airport inside of button season into dresses. federal officials intercepted a package with the cress when it
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arrived from the philippines last week. powder substance wrapped in plastic inside the package was intended forrare facing charges. >> a 1 p 50 million dollar lawsuit goes to court. following the death of 20-year-old frederick man who was tazed by sheriff's deputy. appeals court handed out the decision this week. joy just talked to the man's family. joy? >>reporter: jeff for the family of 20-year-old mr. gray this recent court ruling is a big win. family worst fear would said the case would be thrown out but it didn't happen. that come as a big relief. next week will mark three years since gray died. deputy with frederick county sheriff's department tasered gray after they say he didn't comply. his family is now seeking 145 million dollars in a civil lawsuit filed in federal court. >> been a long road. people
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look at the lawsuit s the case as far as money but they don't see what we are going through as far as losing a child. >>reporter: now attorney daniel clark representing the defendants in this case told me over tte phone today he used the latest court ruling as positive development a well. the case will go to trial here in baltimore. gray attorney says the trial could be scheduled a early as january. this is news at 5:30. thank you joy. harper county sheriff's release surveillance video and picture black op now police say last saturday the pair broke in to the gym stop store in belaire. festival. you can see the ccerk with the hands up. anyone with any information whatsoever in the case is asked to call these numbers if or this number. sheriff's department if you have any information. or metro crime stoppers at this no. 1 8 6 6 7 lock up. >> amazon has pulled one e book from the on line sales
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because of heavy public pressure and threat of boycotts. kathleen joins uss6 now to explain. kathleen. >>reporter: the e book jennifer is called the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure. a child lover cody of conduct you can see why it is so controversial. amazon pulled the e book from the web site sale list but stilllhas everyone in hamden talking about the controversy. while the own of one alternative type book store says he would consider selling it. the owns of other nearby shops are outraged at sampson that they had it on the market. a baltimore sex therapist says the sale of this type of material is just wrong. >> basically teaching people as i understand it how to commit a criminal act and although i believe in freedom of speech, there are limits. can't insight a riot. can't yell fire in a crowded movie theet err and i think this is an example where the freedom of speech needs to be trumped by protecting children and having some sensitivity to
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society concerned. >>reporter: amazon was selling the e book for 4.79. now back to you. >> thank you so much. >> how are the roads looking tonight? weather is nice out there but of course we have day latee% savings time as of last saturday. dark as we speak. lauren cook has the traffic edge reportt lauren? >> well it is dark and the traffic is very slow. if you are traveling in east baltimmre we have a crash on eastern avenue at ryan street to watch out for and 95 is jam packed in the area. all due to earlier crash at murray view road and speeds at only 9 miles per hour on the northbound lanes and only get wore as you travel 95 up to harper county where we are dealing with the crash along the northbound lanes there and mountain road. we have an accident in white marsh that you want to watch out for that is right on the ebenezer road and on the belt way it's jam packed. very crowded tonight on the top side. clocking in at 11 miles per hour here at york road as we check in and
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in and take a live look at the south west side you notice quite a bit of volume at frederick road buttcars moving along fine. we have a house fire not the far from kateville that shut down mills road at co by road and deer ford road and alternate here and 83 nice and clear as we take a live look at should juan road. not much activity here and will be an easy ride as you make the push up to bell fast road that's the >> imagine strappeded in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship with no power. >> that's what happened to more than 4000 people aboard carnival splendor. the ship finally made port. towed into san diego harbor this afternoon by 6 tug boats. for three days passengers were drinking cold what the and eating sandwich. >> we luckily my husband and i camp. my husband is boy scout of true ro portion and he
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brought a flashlight and a little headlampp so i was walking around with a headlampp. he had the flashlight so we could see. >> despite all the problems most passsngers say they had a good time and they would vacation on carnival again. >> if you like to campp. >> yes. >> great time. >> totally into camping on the what the. it's 4. >> well scaring people from smoking. >> see the new advertisement health advocate want to put on cigarette pack coming up. it makes me feel makes me feel good. the honor and all the veterans. >> paying ribute to our veterans. the many ways úeople are saluting our soldiers on veteran's day. >> judge judy talks about bullying. the advice he gives to parents to stop this problemmbefore it ever starts. pa pass. >> beautiful day out there today with plenty of sunshine. temperatures on the mildly cool side of things. looks like we hold on to mooe sunshine for the weekend.i'll sunshine for the weekend.i'll show you that and my forecast
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>> on this veterans day many people take time to refer though who served our country. >> out of blood and sweat we learn a purpose, sacrifice, purpose, sacrifice, tolerance, y and discipline. >> veteran day ceremony was held at the world war ii memorial along richie highway of the american legion l talked about the significance of this day. >> i think it helped nee veterans understand that their persons have been shared by others and ii some way we help them better adjust to being back that the united states. being back at home. and reentering the communities. fichlt governor o'malley also took part in a wreath laying ceremony at the memorial. >> baltimore honors our vett with a parade. pichlt several
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veterans took part in the parade through mount vernon in the military uniform. marine vet decker served in ietnam >> if i'm here for the guys that didn't make it back from nam. i'm here for them. >> decker washington a marine for 24 years. wow! if on veterans day we salute your soldiers here on fox 45. >> young i in the air force. he will be rrturning to the state from his 6 month deployment in the spring. >> and myself brown sent us this photo of her husband and says the photo was taken on his second tour to iraq where they met and they fell in love. you can send awe picture of your military friends or family member. just send your photo to pick at fox or go to our web site and click on soldier salute under hot topi topics. p.m. now somebody wants to
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be a bully all they have to do is the put something terrible on your face become page. >> the judge talking bullying. the key to ending the huge problem. >> i love the burger. i love the toppings. i love the fries ering. >> restaurant living up to its name. special wardrobe you can wear at heart attack grill and some customers actually eat there for free. fichlt great day out there today around baltimore. around central maryland clear skies temperatures in th
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>> teen girl bullied at school commit suicide. it happened in detroit. 14-year-old samantha kelly accused an 18-year-old student of raping her when word got out other students started taunting her and throwing things at her in the hallway. on monday samantha wrote the date of the alleged rape on her wall and hung herself. >> do you feel at all responsible for what happened to samantha kelly? >> if i don't know how to answer that. a little bit, yes. i wish she didn't die but i don't feel responsible a lot. her parents are the ones
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responsible. >> wow! family victim now outraged. prosecutors dropped charges against the as you picture because samantha no and she can't >> judge judy presides over the top rated daytime court show and she is now giving out advice to parents about bullying. she talked la night on larry king show. she said she think parents need to lead by example. >> parents are responsible for teaching their children morality. parents are responsible for teaching their children by example and otherwise the sympathetic beha behavior, respect for another person. >> the judge point out social network like facebook have brought bullying to a much more dang are yoo level. judge judy never at a loss when it comes to tough criticism. you can watch the june weekdays at 4:30 and 5 -úhere on fox 45 and also on saturday at 8 and 8:30 on the cw baltimore. well known ttee is history
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at the baltimore zoo. the t.caaopy of the white oak known the helper tree taken down today. it lost limb during last winter blizzard and sloe slowly dying for years. it got to a point where it became completely unsafe. the tree was believed to be well over 2 had you years old. if. >> weather wise just keeps getting bet and better as the week progresses. >> vytas joins us now with the sky watch forecast. zurita? >> speaking of trees there. we see all the beautiful color out there at this time and pretty much peak kind of almost past peak for the fall color. get throughout and enjoy. take though weekend drive. this is aagreat weekend to do it. get out into the hill and mountain region and out by the what the to catch beautiful picture showing all the color this is the time to do it this weaned because item beautiful tech wise and with sunshine. so here's what is going on. sky cam downtown inner harbor 55
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degrees. mainly clear conditions. winds coming out of the east northeast at sick. humidity levels are low at 37 percent so you can see the dry air out there. almanacs page tell the story of the day. only topped ut at 61 degrees. low cool 36 but nonl it was a beautifuu day wwth the sunshine. one of the days to get out and walk. probably put on a jacket. breezy in the afternoon but nonetheless a great daytona joychlt and look like we hold on to the nice conditions leading us into the weekend. in fact the state winds not much out there. not much factor still from the north, northeast and cool side of things coming in but nonl noo very strong winds. just light breeze which die down through the overnight. satellite radar composite showing clear skies over the central portion of the state back west of you. mostly clear conditiin as well. still a few remaining clouds out there just he of salsbury and still associated with a storm. slowly moving over the atlantic and just getting towards bermuda island right now and mow part stay off to the east and there's the low right there.
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strapping around the clouds various western edge of it just off the coast from ocean city and it will continue to drift down to the south e but leave us with clear sky. we don't have anything going on here for the next several days and we stay dry for the next several days as well. future scan you can see this is model at that time run showing o activity. staying dry. looking at freeway. time linep into friday evening and sat nothing going on. saturday afternoon, saturday evening. nothing happening. there's a little wedge of clouds up over michigan but still nothing arriving here until probably early part of next week will be our next shot of getting some showers aco the area. tonight looking at clear sky. 34 degrees. % cool night. wednesday out of the north at 5 and then for tomorrow looking at plenty of sunshine. 59 to 60 degrees in kind of repeat of what we saw today but we'll 10 to see temperatures increase a little bit into the weekend and stay dry and hold on to the sunshine. i have the complete weekend outlook. 7 day forecast showing when the rain will get herr coming up in a bit. talk aboot truth in tying.
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>> ravens take he field tonight against the atlanta falcons theyyare at full strength. the meanwhile falcons receiver white said today he will play. e been nurse agony injury. match up the first thursday night game of the season and it i a good one. both seats come in at sick and 2 and both a handful of teams considered to be the best in the nfl. a lot of respects on both sides on this one. not a lot offtrash talking. no bad blood or anything like. that just the anticipation of what should be an excellent football game. >> then atlanta playing on very, very high level in the nfc and we are playing high level in afc. we know their side and our side. they have a lot of challenge -- talent
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on offense over there they just playing sound football. >>reporter: 2 quarterback tonnght with first 2 chosen in the 20088draft matt ryan third over all selection and joe fllcco the 18th. the stat aae similar. both 26 win. both have 30 interception and in passing yards flacco has just 17 more. flacco quarterback rating tte 85.8. ryan, 85.7. you get the picture. 2 are likely to be linked for a very long time. >> hopefully we'll both have a couple soup bowls.i'll have we are still young. thinks our third year. third year for each of us. word is out there each week trying to my wechlt i'm not eally thinking too much about that. >>reporter: ravens defensive tackle engines me for the spotlight. we anow that the whipper high school game of the week contest. yes we are
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doing sport tonight. all coming up on sports unlimited. please tune in at 10:50 e.thank bruce. enjoying really great weather this time of year. >> all vytas doing. i can feel it. we look at the 7 day. >> doing what icap man. whatever i can do for the people out there. looking at 59 degrees tomorrow. roughly at 60. what we saw today. plenty of sunshine. sunshine carrying through the weekend. sat sunday as you notice the nem are increasing 62 for sat, 64 for sunday beautiful day. monday tuesday looks like it clouds up a bit. rain doesn't arrive until late monday night into tuesday and -úthen few remaining showers on wednesday but noneeheless looks like we continue to see a beautiful weekend aheed. >> thanks so much. be in charge of your own personal forecast. i radar available at our web site. use the tools to track coming storms to youu street. go to our web seat and click on i radar. >> many restaurants go low fat one arizona restaurant
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celebrate fat foodsism item called the heart attack grill. sign at the front of the burger joint warns the food inside is bad for your health. employee wear nurse uniform and customers can wear hospital gowns and if you weigh more than 350 pounds, you eat free. fichlt do i have concerns or morale conflict with serving high calories to people. no more than mcdonald's. no more than burger king. because the calorie content is equivalent. i'm simply doing so with admonishment. >> owner wentp to far as hiring 500 pound man to serve hiring 500 pound man to serve as spokesman


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